From Me To You, I’m Just Saying…, Vol. 2

From Me To You, I’m Just Say…, Vol. 2
When cultures clash, they get it on in Harlem!
Just Another Day In Harlem
April 19, 2018
A few days ago, I woke up to an enormous stack of packages requiring postage before mailing. Feeling amazingly proud of the number of books sold with rather eager readers awaiting receipt, procrastination was hardly an option. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help thinking how inconvenient it will be waiting in a long line to mail them. Routinely I’m faced with this inevitable reality for its unavoidable in my neighborhood. More than I care to say, my patience is forever tested. If this were an errand scheduled for a horrible weather day, I’d gladly embrace the task at hand. But on that particular day, it was simply beautiful outside, ensuring the likelihood of many postal customers. Spring had finally come and absolutely nothing short of a perfect day had arrived! After leaving my apartment, I headed for the Post Office.
Equipped with my favorite dark Versace Sunglasses, I felt obliged to greet the morning Sun. Instinctively I closed my eyes slightly upon feeling her impact. The bright glowing rays illuminated a magnificent blue sky. Oh the sky was alive, and for some, her exhibition was an awesome display of her majestic powers. However, for several minutes, I felt it necessary to block some of her intensity. My face felt the sudden impact of her sparkling Sunrays and my eyes subtly resisted this unanticipated intrusion from Mother Nature. After a long cold winter, her unpredictable arrival came without warning. For the better part of winter, the cold Canadian air had her way with us frequently concealing the radiant Sun. I felt an unpleasant chill just thinking about winter. Cold weather seems to affect my mood, but not that day. Eager for her embrace, but my eyes needed time to adjust; a bright Sunny day required nothing less.